Saturday, March 08, 2008


It's been quiet around the old shop lately, and I do apologize. We don't have any news, but we do have some terrific fans. So I'm gonna share some of their offerings.

  • But first...we adore Dave Lichens, who appears on the TIH soundtrack. (His song "Blue" plays during the scene in the bar when the girls take their road trip.) Dave has a show coming up in LA on March 21, and I'm hearing he will play "Blue" if he knows there are TIH fans in the audience. So head on over for a good show--and let everyone know you love "Blue" AND TIH! For more info, go to Dave's page

  • And speaking of terrific jobs, check out Briana's Priestly!

  • We do like fan art here. Here's a fun drawing by Jaimee:


  • How cool is this? Apparently, TheLadyScribe felt her friend Beow87 needed to put his kilt to good use around campus. Here's the end result:


Beow87 is a patient man, that's for sure!

  • Finally, we made another appearance on campus recently. This time, TIF Breezy dressed up as Priestly and used the tampon scene as a monologue for drama class! Check her out!


That's all for now! Thanks to our wonderful friends and fans out there!