Friday, November 24, 2006

Questions about the Script

Did the movie change much from the script? And how much do the actors bring to it?

Yay--script questions!

::Betsy rolls up her sleeves::

Okay, it’s important to realize that a script is just a blueprint. From the day you type "FADE IN" until the day the film opens, the project is constantly evolving.

How did Ten Inch Hero evolve? Early on, we had some minor changes, which is typical.

Once the cast was in place, David, Mark, and I had some marathon sessions, where we went over the script practically word by word.

Even with that, the script continued to change once filming started.

Sometimes, it was pure logistics. For example, we had to cut a favorite line, because the script called for Trucker (John Doe) to be washing his hands when Zo (Alice Krige) comes in and gives the line. And there was no sink anywhere near that part of the shop.

Other times, David would say "Let's try it this way." Or the actors had ideas. David would sometimes film things in several different ways to decide later what worked best.

It's just part of the collaborative process.

This evolution continues after filming, as they edit and piece the film together.

As for what the actors bring...they bring the life! They take your 2-D words and create 3-D characters.

Here's an example of the process:

There's a tender scene toward the end where Priestly (Jensen Ackles) breaks the mood with a joke. It's one of those "laugh through the tears" moments.

By the time we were ready to film, David felt the joke sounded a little stale. So he, Mark, and I batted it around until we found a line we all liked better.

When they were filming that scene, I was listening on earphones with several people. The mood was all heartfelt and sweet...then Jensen delivered the line. And his delivery was so funny, it made the joke much better than it was on the page.

This was a line we had read over and over...and nevertheless we all busted up when we heard it through the earphones.

So writer came up with the line, the director made it better, and the actor improved it even more. And that's what makes a movie.

(Good God, look at the length of this answer. See? NEVER ask a writer to talk about her script. ::wink::)

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy TG!

Because of schedule conflicts, we're shutting down until Thanksgiving. We'll still be on email, and there may be a new picture of the week, but we won't be updating the blog.

So, have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and we'll see you on the other side of the turkey!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mail: About Clea!

Lots of nice mail today...thanks for all your kind thoughts. We promise, we'll get to it all (maybe, eventually, even Shellz's questions about Priestly pictures!)

How did Clea DuVall come on board? She seems to be everywhere, and yet is still under everyone's radar.

Director David Mackay answers:

Several very good actresses read for the role of JEN before Clea. Though Clea had been in my mind for the part for a long time, I didn't expect her to audition. Her body of work puts her in a class of actors that no longer have to audition for a part. Those actors are referred to as "offer only" because we, as producers, offer them the part without an audition.

Anyway, Clea didn't think she was right for the part. After she read the script the first time, she passed.

But I told our casting director how much I liked Clea, and how perfect I thought she would be, and the next thing I knew, she was in the room, reading the part. She wanted to read in front of me, and talk about it, and hear why I thought she was right for it. Actually, I think she was auditioning ME!

From that moment on, she was the first one we cast in the movie, in our minds. We wanted to see who else was falling into place for the other two female roles, so we "put a pin in her" as her agent called it. Once we were close to selecting the other leads, we put everyone's picture on the wall and made groupings of the three girls. Clea fit easily into every combination.

We were so lucky to have her. She was great to work with and she has an awesome sense of humor. And she is the emotional center of the whole movie!

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Heroes Night!

In an interview on TV Guide, mind-reading Heroes cop Greg Grunberg has some nice things to say about them "sneaking" TIH's Clea DuVall into the cast:

"I was absolutely beside myself. She is so talented, she underplays everything.... There are actors who just 'have' something, and she has a watchable, magnetic quality. She brings it."

Greg, we couldn't agree more!

Click here for the full interview.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

We've Updated the Website!

Our terrific webmaster has updated the Ten Inch Hero website, including the new

(...drum roll please...)

Picture of the Week.

Sean Patrick Flanery fans will not be disappointed this week!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

More Links

Cinematical just did an article about movies with blogs, and someone called us out in the comments.

Hmmm, not sure who it was but with a name like "SittingInTheDark" I'm gonna guess it's another writer. Anyway, thank you for the plug, whoever it was!

Also, click here to listen to a podcast featuring Sean Wing (Tadd) talking about the DVD release of his film IN THE DARK. He mentions TIH at the end. Sean is a very cool guy, so be sure to check out IN THE DARK if you're a fan of horror.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuesday's Mail

Why did you hire Ackles? Did you know him before from his previous work or through friends, or did he just walk in and blow you away?

Director David Mackay says:

I met Jensen two years ago, when we just started to get the project off the ground. His agent had read the script and gave it to him, and he loved it. Jensen had only been on Smallville at that point; SUPERNATURAL had not yet come to be.

Jensen has a great energy. He was VERY enthusiastic, and from that day on, he fought for the part of Priestly. And we really like to cast enthusiastic actors!

A year later he came in and read with various possible actresses for Tish. (None of which were Danneel. At that point she hadn't been cast.) Anyway, Jensen blew us away. I had a follow up lunch with him, and we really saw eye to eye. I could tell he was open to trying everything I wanted him to. To really create something COMPLETELY different from what he is known for. And that for me is what acting is all about. He was into it.

And he kicks ass in the movie.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

More from the IN Box

I know you can't say when TEN INCH HERO will be released, but can you tell me if it'll be on DVD so I can rent it?
Can we fans do anything to make sure we get to see this movie?

All of David's movies have been on HBO or Showtime, and are currently available on Netflix/Blockbuster/etc, so it's a pretty safe bet Ten Inch Hero will be no exception.

Beyond that, please understand we can't report anything until it's crossed, dotted, carved in stone, and signed in blood (if you don't mind some concatenated metaphors!).

As for what you can do...what a cool thing to ask. Believe it or not, we are overwhelmed by the positive response from all you fans out there. You guys got excited about this film before it was even in the can--do you know what a boost that is for independent filmmakers?

I can't tell you how much we appreciate the people who keep the buzz alive (::waves hi to Panda in particular::) as we round third and head home (there I go with the metaphors again).

So don't be shy. Visit the site, check this blog, keep sending us your comments and questions, and let people know you can't wait to see that butt-crazy mohawk on the big screen!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

On The NewsStands

This month, TIH star Danneel Harris graces the pages of Maxim, along with her OTH co-stars.

Danneel is also featured in this month's Men's Fitness, along with co-star Jensen Ackles. They even mention the film, leaving us no choice but to buy multiple copies. How pervie did that look?

"Uh, yeah, I'd like this Snickers bar and, uh, those last copies of Men's Fitness."

"All six?"

"Um, yeah, they're for my mom."

"Suuuure they are."

Also, a big shout out to PA-extraordinaire Cynthia for her hard work the last few days promoting this blog (not to mention Pooks's blog!). Thanks Cynthia!