Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fun with Priestly Manips...

Remember those Priestly photoshops? We just received another outstanding one from TIF Supernana494. We're so impressed with the talent out there, we've decided to have a little fun with it.

Here's what we'd like to do:

If you are working on a Priestly manip (yep, that still sounds dirty), please send it to us by next Wednesday (7 Mar). We're going to take all of the pictures we've received and set up a little poll to see which is the most popular.

It'll either be here, or over on our
new myspace page if we get it open by then.

What does the winner get?

Well, bragging rights, which is no small thing. But also an official Ten Inch Hero t-shirt! This is no promo shirt you can buy at a store. This is the official cast and crew shirt--the one actors and crew took home from the shoot. A collector's item!

And let's be honest. You guys out there--how many of you have ever really had the opportunity to wear a shirt that announces to the world that you are a Ten Inch Hero. Hmmm?

So send your Priestly 'shops to teninchhero@gmail.com (If you've already mailed one, we'll assume you want to be included, unless we hear otherwise).

And, if you're new around these parts, and you have no clue what we're talking about, no worries. Just scroll down to the Jan 24 and Jan 29 posts.

Let the games begin!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Will Ten Inch Hero release some bloopers with the movie?

These decisions depend on our eventual distribution. But director David Mackay says:

Yes, as far as I'm concerned, there definitely should be a blooper/outtake section on the DVD. We have A LOT of really funny stuff that happened on film before I said "action" and after I said "cut!"

Clea DuVall (Jen) is a very funny woman, so we have lots of material with her.

Jensen Ackles (Priestly) did something funny or goofy in practically every scene. Some of them--things that should have been on a gag reel--we ended up using in the movie. His improvisation was awesome!

In addition, I hope the DVD will have a commentary with myself, lead producer Mark Witsken, and hopefully some of the actors.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Pics!

We have a new Picture of the Week on the website! It's a cute behind-the-scenes shot of Elisabeth Harnois (Piper), Clea DuVall (Jen), and Elisabeth's pup.

And make sure to check out the Preview section, because there are 4 more new shots in there, including one of David Mackay and Mark Witsken. David and Mark write the blog, so now's your chance to put faces with those names!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Q and A Time

As promised, we're tackling some of the more common questions in the Ten Inch Hero IN box:

How's Post Production Going?

It's going great, thanks for asking! The movie is coming together quite well, and we're all pleased with it. We're currently finishing up the sound mix, color timing, the final credits, and other details.

Any chance you'll be showing Ten Inch Hero in my town's film festival/in test screenings near me?

Until we're done, we really don't know. Right now, we're focused on finishing the film, and then we'll explore options in terms of film festivals and test screenings.

But when we do, we'll put it on the website and this blog. And then we'll be counting on you guys to help us pack the theater! (And come say hi to us at the end, of course!)

What will Ten Inch Hero be rated?

It's so hard to predict what the rating board will do. Right now, we estimate the film is somewhere between a soft R and a hard PG-13.

Knowing that many of our TIFs are under 18, it's entirely possible that the movie will be distributed as a PG-13, with the deleted R scenes as a DVD bonus. But again, that's just speculation.

When can you tell us more about the music/soundtrack?

Soon. Mark is busy sorting all that out. When he's done, he plans to devote an entire column to music news.

We can say the music is a very eclectic mix that works well together--just like the characters in the film!

When will you put up a poster?

Mark and David are working on one now. Again, the priority is finishing the film, but it should be soon.

When will you have a trailer/post a scene online?

Well, much of that depends on what we do in terms of distribution. But we'll probably be able to at least put a clip or two up before too long.

Will you put up a Ten Inch Hero myspace?

We've kicked it around, but haven't made a decision yet one way or the other. But definitely not before we have the poster and can release scenes/music clips.

Have a question or comment? Send them to the Ten Inch Hero gang at TenInchHero@gmail.com.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cast and Crew News -- Random Ramblings

Clea DuVall's IBTC Premieres Next Week

Just heard that Clea DuVall's (Jen) film Itty Bitty Titty Committee (huh, and you talk about OUR title!) is opening next week.

According to the release, it’s premiering at the Berlinale Film Festival on February 10th. Then, it will be in competition and make it’s U.S. premiere in Austin at South by Southwest on March 11th. Next, it will be the Opening Night Film of the London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on March 21st, and the Closing Night Film of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival on March 25th.

Danneel Harris Goes Higher in Harold and Kumar 2

One of my favorite guilty pleasures of the past few years was Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Love, LOVE that movie. Don't even get me started on the Cheetah.

So I was thrilled to hear that Danneel Harris (Tish) is currently filming the sequel! Apparently it picks right up with the last one left off, with the boys heading to Amsterdam (where Kumar is mistaken for a terrorist--"bong" does sound a lot like "bomb" doesn't it?!)

Danneel's playing Kumar's long lost love--how cool is that?!

Release Date for Alice Krige's Lonely Hearts

Alice Krige's (Zo) Lonely Hearts is set to release on April 13 (a Friday no less). The film co-stars John Travolta, James Gandolfini, Salma Hayek, and Jared Leto. Make sure to check that out!

Mention of John Doe on MTV.Com

I read an article on MTV.com this week with a nice mention of John Doe (Trucker):

"It's one of the great crimes of rock history that the seminal L.A. punk band X aren't better known, but odds are you've seen one of their leaders in his side gig. Over the past two decades, John Doe has managed to balance a musical career — both solo and with the intermittently regrouping X — with small but memorable acting jobs in movies like "Road House" (1989), "Boogie Nights" (1997) and "The Good Girl" (2002), as well as dozens more movies and TV shows. But you should still buy his records."

MTV, we couldn't agree more! Full article is here.

Cynthia Boris Writes for Gather.Com

TIH PA and Special Blog Correspondent Cynthis Boris now writes a weekly column for Gather.Com. You can read her column every Wednesday, including the first one here.

Cynthia's written some nice columns for us (including one I haven't even posted yet!), so be sure to support her in this latest writing gig.

What Are You Doing Thursday?

We all know Thursday night is dominated by the showdown between Grey's and CSI, which results in Supernatural--staring Jensen Ackles (Priestly)--on the CW being overlooked because it's stuck in that same timeslot.

But ya know what? In this day of tape and Tivo, there's no reason to miss Supernatural.

The Supernatural guys are working hard to create a unique program at a time when most other shows seem to be all about hospitals, forensics, and bad singing. Let's face it: any show that can work revenge, fratricide, vampires, compassion, and a chopsaw into one episode can't be bad!

So, do yourself a favor--tape McDreamy... and instead spend this Thursday with McNightmare!

And finally...the answer to about half the questions we receive is...

"Not yet."

Please remember, we're still in post-production. Until the movie is done, we just can't share or speculate on certain things! When we know details for sure, we'll report here and on the website.

(Next blog, we'll answer some specific questions. Promise!)