Monday, January 29, 2007

More Stabs at Priestly

Again, these are fan art. Manips (which always sounds like a body part to me, but hey...). These are not real pics of Priestly.

Two more submissions from TIFs this week, and they are kicking!

First, Sylph gets credit for not just a fine 'hawk, but for working in the beach. If you've been keeping up on your Ten Inch'ing, you'll know the beach features prominently in the story.

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Nice work, Sylph!

Next, check out this pic from Adlin, an indie film friend in Puerto Rico:

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Adlin, the guys and I are especially impressed with the goat and the neck tat. Well done!

Thank you both for sending these. We're LOVING it!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fans "Shop" For Priestly

***Important: These are fan-created pixs. PhotoShopped. Not the real thing. (Although, I am evil enough that I considered slipping a real one in, and passing it off as 'shopped. Heh heh heh.)***

So, after poison_love got it rolling on IMDB, we had two other TIFs (Ten Inch Friends) jump in with their own photoshop efforts.

Man, we are stunned. Really.

First, Tiffany sent her greetings to the cast and crew, as well as her rendition:

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Tiffany, that is one impressive hawk. Not like Priestly's, but I'd stop the car to see **anyone** in that 'do. Nice work.

Then, Asha jumped in with a lovely email, as well as this, all the way from France:

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Asha, nice work. Definitely closer in some ways, but not really there yet. But, I will tell you this: at one point in the film, Priestly's hawk is just about that exact color.

Thanks, guys, for giving us a terrific laugh.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Close, but not quite....

Thanks to "poison_love" on IMDB who apparently got impatient waiting for Priestly pictures and took matters into her/his own hands.

And, am I seeing some eyeliner there too? Very nice.

Thanks, p_l, for a great laugh!

If anyone else wants to send us a link to their Priestly efforts, feel free. But please keep it family-friendly (you guys know who you are! Ahem.)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Pods and the Lovely Alice Krige

A big thanks to alert TIF (Ten Inch Friend) Caro for letting us know that Ten Inch Hero was mentioned in a One Tree Hill podcast!

If you want to hear Matt Barr (Brad) talk about his experiences with the film, go to the OTH Podcast Page. On the left side, scroll down to the list. Find 405: Commentary with Mark and Matt Barr--it's about a third of the way down the list. The TIH mention comes about 7 minutes in.

Now let's take a question about Alice Krige, who plays Zo in the film.

What you can tell me about Alice Krige's role and involvement in this film?

Director David Mackay replies:

Alice was on our short list for the part for some time. We cast her while she was in South Africa, so she had to fly over quickly to begin shooting!

Alice is a beautiful woman and embodies everything that Betsy described Zo as: warm, loving, flowing, spiritual, and earthy. She got along great with John Doe (Trucker), so I was very excited about their chemistry. She was great to work with and looks amazing in the wardrobe that Sara Jane picked out.

Do you have a question about our film? Email it to We swear we'll get to it eventually. Really.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Saints, Demons, and Danneel

Guess what I finally got around to watching this weekend?

The Boondock Saints, starring our very own Sean Patrick Flanery (Noah).

All I can say is wow. I can see why this is a love-it-or-hate-it movie. I'm firmly in the "love it" camp. I can't believe it took me this long to see it, especially being the Irish lass that I am.

(AND...I haven't forgotten my promise to watch Empire Records. It's next on my queue.)

Speaking of viewing: Don't forget the new Supernatural episode this Thursday!

Let's take a question about Danneel, all the way from a fan in France!

Why did you hire Danneel Harris? Did you already know her?

Director David Mackay answers:

Danneel (Tish) came in and read three times, and she was consistently in the top 5.

It was always going to be a decision about the overall mix of the three lead women--one of whom, at that point, was going to be Clea DuVall (Jen). We were leaning toward casting Jensen Ackles (Priestly) early on, so we wanted to find a good match for him, too. That was a big part of the equation. We didn't know that he and Danneel were actually friends at all!

And I didn't know Danneel from before. She and I are represented at the same talent agency, so her agent had a little extra pull with me, however.

One day we had Jensen come in and read with three other possible Tish candidates--this is called a "mix and match" casting session. In fact it was as much an audition for Jensen, as it was a callback for the three actresses. Up to that point, we had only met with Jensen, he did not perform for us. Jensen did great--he blew us away in fact! But we kept searching for the right Tish.

Our only concern with Danneel was that she was on a CW show (One Tree Hill), and so was Jensen (Supernatural). We wanted to spread out our cast over TV and features. We didn't want a cast comprised entirely of leads on CW shows (or so we thought!).

As it turned out, we did eventually all agree that Danneel was the best for the role of Tish, after reading over 100 actresses!

And, then, AFTER we finished shooting, other members of the TEN INCH HERO cast suddenly began appearing on One Tree Hill! Elisabeth Harnois (Piper) was cast as well as Matt Barr (Brad). Moreover, Bethany Joy Galeotti has written and recorded several songs for our soundtrack!

So hopefully the fans of ONE TREE HILL will really be excited to see TEN INCH HERO!

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

'Hawk Talk

Happy New Year, everyone!

Did you guys all see the new picture of Sean Patrick Flanery (Noah) over on the website?

Also, thanks to PA Cynthia Boris and my pal Linda for alerting us: Star!Daily just featured Jensen Ackles (Priestly) as one of their "Stars to Watch."

My favorite quote: "The 28-year-old tv vet has shown such range that we have high hopes for his new movie Ten Inch Hero." Yay! I think this is our first TV mention!

You can watch the clip here.

In honor of that, let's take a Priestly question.

Did the character of Priestly have a mohawk in the script, or did that get added later? And why?

Nope, Priestly always had a 'hawk, right from the first draft of the script.

My brother (::waves hi to Alan::) once told me about a kid with one of those classic high-spike mohawks that was so tall, he couldn't fit upright in his own car. So the boy drove with his head down on his right shoulder--that was the only way he could fit in the car without damaging his 'do.

That just really appealed to me--the idea of a kid so devoted to his own style, that he was willing to drive around looking at the world sideways. That's my kind of guy!

And it just seemed like the kind of thing Priestly would do. So, not only did Priestly get a mohawk, he got one that changes color throughout the story.

Originally, the whole head angle thing was in the script: one scene opens with Priestly driving up, music blaring, head titled, while Trucker's (John Doe) outside working on the cause-mobile.

But Jensen’s 'hawk is shorter and a whole different style--so it didn't make it into the final cut.

Fun question--thanks for asking!