Thursday, July 26, 2007

Going to Comic Con on Friday?

If you're going to Comic Con on Friday, watch for 2 people walking around in the famous Ten Inch Hero cast and crew shirts!

The first person to walk up to them and say 'hi' gets a free Ten Inch Hero shirt of their own!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Common Screening Questions

Here are the answers to common questions about the screening in LA on July 25.

1. If you want to attend, you must have received an invite from David and Mark AND you must have RSVP'ed to the address provided in the invite. Only people who have RSVP'ed to that address will be admitted.

2. We haven't been confirming RSVP emails, but if you're concerned, feel free to send a second email asking for confirmation.

3. The theater could end up being full, in which case not everyone who RSVP'ed will get in. Best to get there a little early, as seating is first-come first-served.

I gotta admit...I've been having fun re-decorating! Here's another new picture.

Art on the Beach

That's Sean Patrick Flanery (Noah), Adair Tishler (Julia), and Elisabeth Harnois (Piper).

Wondering how you know Adair? She was terrific this year in the hit show Heroes where--small world--she worked with Clea DuVall, who plays Jen in TIH.

Screening Info!

We are now less than a week from our LA Screening of Ten Inch Hero! The screening will be Wed July 25 at 7:30.

If you will be in LA and you want to be put on the screening list to see TIH, send us a note ASAP at the gmail account (

And if you're planning to come, but haven't sent in your RSVP yet, better hurry! There will be no "drop ins" at the door.

I dunno...maybe we're just excited about the screening. But lately I've been thinking this blog needs

Green Priestly

There, that's better.