Sunday, October 29, 2006

Where, Oh Where!?

Where was Ten Inch Hero shot? In Santa Cruz or San Pedro? Someone even said they saw you guys in Morro Bay!

Betsy: The short answer is: All of the above.

The long answer is, well, longer!

When I write, I like to set the story in a specific location, usually somewhere I've lived or visited. So when I started writing a script about a group of offbeat characters working in a funky sandwich shop, my old hometown of Santa Cruz seemed like the natural choice.

At the risk of sounding like a travel brochure, Santa Cruz has it all. An open-air mall full of boutiques, where no one would question a subshop peacefully co-existing next to Zo's crystal, incense, and (possibly) Wiccan supply store. Great beaches for Trucker to surf. A university for Jen. An abundance of talented local artists to lure Piper. And more than their fair share of hot guys to keep Tish busy (trust me on this last one, ladies!)

But the truth is, while scripts are often SET in one town, movies are rarely FILMED that way.

In the case of Ten Inch Hero, David and Mark wanted to keep the story set in Santa Cruz. Many establishing shots and exteriors were filmed there. They also filmed in Carmel and Big Sur when the girls take their road trip down the coast to Morro Bay to meet the mysterious Fuzzy22.

But the subshop scenes were filmed in and around a great little shop in San Pedro. And the beach scenes were done in Palos Verdes.

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