Monday, May 28, 2007

Mail: How did the cast entertain themselves on the set?

Another question from the mailbox!

What did the cast like to do "between shots" on the set of Ten Inch Hero?

Well, Director David Mackay is quick to point out that there's isn't much time between shots on an independent film. The pace is pretty grueling! Still, not everyone is in every shot, so there is SOME downtime.

So how did everyone unwind? We asked PA Cynthia Boris, whose primary responsibility was keeping track of the actors at all times. We figured if anyone knew, she would. And she did!

Cynthia Boris says:

Shopping was a popular way to pass the time between takes. Danneel Harris, Elisabeth Harnois, Clea DuVall, and Judith Drake all enjoyed shopping in the vintage clothing stores that lined the street where we were shooting.

One of our more crafty neighbors was selling hand-painted surfboards and he convinced Jensen Ackles to buy one. While shooting at Port o'Call, the actors stopped to check out rows and rows of colorful and sugary Mexican candies.

Next to shopping, coffee runs were tops on the list! Even though it was over 100 degrees out, all of the actors took time to dash up 6th Street to the coffee house for a pick-me-up and a few minutes of quiet time with the newspaper.

Short breaks were mostly filled with chatter. The actors swapped stories, passed around magazines, worked crossword puzzles, and listened to music. John Doe is a famous singer (both with X the Band and on his own) so he entertained the group on the van rides with a CD of his latest tunes.

The actors also got a lot of mileage out of toys they found in the local 99 Cent Store. The light up spacemen ray guns were particularly popular.

Sean Wing battled to be the champion chess player. Our youngest star Adair Tishler played games with her set teacher to pass the time; she doubly enjoyed hanging with the movie's canine star.

Once production was moved to the beach, Clea and Sean Patrick Flanery took advantage of some meditation time by the ocean. When the sun went down, Jensen and the girls would play a fast round of pick-up basketball.

David Mackay adds:

Just wanted to add that that Jensen, Clea, Danneel, and Elizabeth bought me one of the full size surfboards from that shop. A beautiful present! It is actually designed to hang on the wall, and it's a huge amazing oldstyle wooden board. It's really a piece of art that holds many large photographs, which I am filling with stills from the shoot!

It was an awesome present and I LOVE it!

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