Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ten Inch Hero Screening in LA on Nov 24

We're having a screening of Ten Inch Hero in LA on Monday November 24 at 7:30 pm.

Regent Showcase Theater
614 N. La Brea Avenue (at Melrose)
Los Angeles, California 90036

Cost is $10 at the door.
Free street parking starting at 7 pm.

So, if you're coming to CA for Thanksgiving break, this is your chance to see the film on the big, big screen!

Please spread the word--we know it's short notice and we'd like to get the word out to as many people as possible!

Thanks, and we'll see you in the theater!


Cathy said...

Dear Betsy,

Hi there. I live in the area and would love to come to the screening of Ten Inch Hero. Do I need to reserve the seat or just show up and buy a ticket? How early can I buy a ticket in case you get too many people who want to attend?


Anonymous said...

Hey, there! How about showin' some love to the TIFs in Betsy's old stomping grounds around the DelMarVa area? How can we get a showing out here?


The Ten Inch Hero Crew said...

Hi Cathy--

Yay, I'm glad you're coming to the screening. Nope, all tickets are at
the door, so you just pay then.

I wouldn't worry about getting there too early--it's a huge theater.

The street parking goes free at 7, so I'd aim to get there then!

Make sure to come say hi,

The Ten Inch Hero Crew said...

Brenda, no kidding! I'd LOVE to screen back there!


Margie and Edna said...


We just wanted to let you know that we've announced the screening on our blog and linked back here to help get the word out. We hope you get a great turnout in LA!

~Margie and Edna

The Ten Inch Hero Crew said...

Thanks Margie and Edna--you rock!

Lauren said...

I am so excited about this! When I got the notification about the screening on Facebook I squealed and called my friend who told me about the movie in the first place. We will both be there!

Lauren said...

Also - we're coming to see it from a town about an hour and a half away and are also nervous about it getting sold out. Are you sure there'll be a place for us? We would be willing to pay you for tickets via Paypal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy,

Do you know if this movie will be played overseas, such as Brazil


The Ten Inch Hero Crew said...

Yay Lauren! Glad you can make it. I'm not worried about it being sold out...it's a huge theater and a holiday week.

But they are going to try to start on time, AND you know how traffic is. So just try to give yourself enough time, and you'll be fine.

The Ten Inch Hero Crew said...

Hi Lara--

Not sure on Brazil yet. Sorry!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Betsy.

All, enjoy the movie.

Lara - LMKBR

Blair said...

I live in South Carolina and there is NO WAY I can make it. But I am thankful for all the other fans out there for this movie. Is it true that there will now be a release date for the dvd?

The Ten Inch Hero Crew said...

Hi Blair--

Yep, early 09, but we don't know the exact date yet. When we do, we'll be screaming it! :-)

Right now, we're hard at work on developing some fun bonus material to put on the DVD--I always love that stuff!


Anonymous said...

On the bonus material, of course we want bloopers and commentaries (yes, please!), but how about maybe some info on how you picked the locations to match the story?
You could do that pretty straight forward with lots of pictures and writing notes which is pretty cheap on the production cost of things since it doesn't require audio and video. I thought it might be fun since the sandwich shop is kind of a main character too. --Ellie

Tamminy said...

I drove up from San Diego to see it, even leaving at 3:45, just in case I got stuck in traffic. It's a good thing I did! The two hour trip took three and a half hours!

But I was seated by 7:22, and I loved the film. It was cool to see you there, as well as the young girl who played Julia.

What a great film! I laughed so hard. Thank you for announcing this screening; I'd been so hoping that I would have a chance to see this wonderful film on the big screen. :)

You made my week!

Thanks again.

The Ten Inch Hero Crew said...

Tamminy, I'm glad you made it!

3 pm is my magic cut off from San Diego--if I don't leave by 3, I wait until later in the night, if possible. The traffic can be unreal.