Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Release Info (and Help Needed!!)

Ten Inch Hero is Released!

Ten Inch Hero has been released for rentals in the U.S. at Blockbusters.

So you want to buy TIH?

We hear you!! We are CLOSE to announcing a deal for purchasing it via Amazon and other places. (That should make our Canadian TIFs happy, yes?). We'll be taking pre-orders soon.

AND, we'll be selling t-shirts then too. Details soon!

Help Wanted!!

We need to make some updates to the website, and frankly, everyone is too busy with the release.

So if you have mad HTML skills, and are willing to do some work for a free t-shirt and DVD of the film, can you shoot me an email? Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Thats excellent...any chance us Scots will get it any time soon?
I'll buy a region 1 dvd if I have to but I'd love a region 2 one!

Cant wait :)

Kris said...

I rented the movie at my local Blockbuster tonight and just finished watching. I really loved it - I'm so glad it's finally come to DVD! I wish I could have seen it it in the theaters.

Thank you for making such a great movie. I'm off to pre-order! :)

Anonymous said...

GAH - preorder screwy - first it tells me order didn't go through then it says duplicate order - so now I don't know if I have or haven't ordered the dvd!!

Anonymous said...

Ignore me - I HAVE A RECEIPT..

I will be the proud owner of a tee shirt and dvd. Whee.


molly said...

i will love to help.

here is my email address

Anonymous said...

I feel sad. It's not shown in Spain, so I cannot watch the film in Spanish. I really like the movie, I specially love Jensen Ackles.