Monday, June 21, 2010

Long Time!

Hey all you Ten Inchers out there! Long time!!

Just wanted to pass along the latest:

1) TIH is now available by PPV and
VOD on most subscription TV through Time Warner.

2) Phase 4 will be releasing the film within the next few months in retail stores throughout the US and Canada (REGION 1). When we know which stores, we'll post it. There may even be an online store. Check back for more info!


Jas said...

Hey everybody,

I just wanted check back and ask if it's still planned to release the movie in different languages? I have a lot of friends here in Austria and Germany who'd love to have the movie released in German.

Thanks in advance,

Carrie said...

Apparently I posted this message on the wrong feed, but I was wondering if you are still selling the movie from your website? Everytime I try to order a copy, all I can seem to order is a t-shirt, which is cool too, but I really want the dvd. I live in Canada if that has any impact on the ordering. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I rented this lovely movie last year from BlockBuster but I would like to have my own copy of the film. Is it still going to be released to retail stores, where can I purchase this movie?

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