Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuesday's Mail

Why did you hire Ackles? Did you know him before from his previous work or through friends, or did he just walk in and blow you away?

Director David Mackay says:

I met Jensen two years ago, when we just started to get the project off the ground. His agent had read the script and gave it to him, and he loved it. Jensen had only been on Smallville at that point; SUPERNATURAL had not yet come to be.

Jensen has a great energy. He was VERY enthusiastic, and from that day on, he fought for the part of Priestly. And we really like to cast enthusiastic actors!

A year later he came in and read with various possible actresses for Tish. (None of which were Danneel. At that point she hadn't been cast.) Anyway, Jensen blew us away. I had a follow up lunch with him, and we really saw eye to eye. I could tell he was open to trying everything I wanted him to. To really create something COMPLETELY different from what he is known for. And that for me is what acting is all about. He was into it.

And he kicks ass in the movie.

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