Sunday, November 05, 2006

More from the IN Box

I know you can't say when TEN INCH HERO will be released, but can you tell me if it'll be on DVD so I can rent it?
Can we fans do anything to make sure we get to see this movie?

All of David's movies have been on HBO or Showtime, and are currently available on Netflix/Blockbuster/etc, so it's a pretty safe bet Ten Inch Hero will be no exception.

Beyond that, please understand we can't report anything until it's crossed, dotted, carved in stone, and signed in blood (if you don't mind some concatenated metaphors!).

As for what you can do...what a cool thing to ask. Believe it or not, we are overwhelmed by the positive response from all you fans out there. You guys got excited about this film before it was even in the can--do you know what a boost that is for independent filmmakers?

I can't tell you how much we appreciate the people who keep the buzz alive (::waves hi to Panda in particular::) as we round third and head home (there I go with the metaphors again).

So don't be shy. Visit the site, check this blog, keep sending us your comments and questions, and let people know you can't wait to see that butt-crazy mohawk on the big screen!

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