Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Day on the Set of Ten Inch Hero (Part 2)

Our special guest blogger Cynthia Boris tells us more about a typical day on the set of Ten Inch Hero.

When we ended Part 1, the crew was getting hungry after a long morning. We pick up there:

Finally, it's time to break for lunch. Most of the crew goes back to basecamp to eat a hot meal whipped up by the catering truck, while others treat themselves to lunch at the local restaurants. If you'd been eating in town that week, you might have lunch at the next table over from Jensen, Danneel, Elisabeth and Clea!

An hour later, everyone is back at work. The actors are on set and make-up and wardrobe get "last looks," a chance to do quick touch-ups before the cameras roll again.

You know the old song, "second verse, same as the first?" Rehearse, shoot, shoot, turn the cameras and shoot again. It would be easy to fall into a slump, particularly after lunch, but the actors are pros and they keep their energy up just like it was the first take of the morning!

As long and hard (and hot) as the days were, the cast and crew of Ten Inch Hero still found the time to laugh and keep things fun. One day, the hair and makeup department really did a number on the actors!

Elisabeth channeled her inner Madonna with a leopard print bra on top of her shirt, strands of pearls and funky, chunky black glasses.

Clea went for street tough in a muscle tee, kooky visor and fake tattoos on her arms.

Danneel looked like something from a Dr. Seuss book with an eight-inch high bucket hat balanced on her head, blue and red striped fingerless gloves, slip-on pink plastic fingernails and a t-shirt that said, Hi Mom!

And who's that other pretty girl with the long brown hair, tiara and glamorous make-up? Yikes! It's Jensen. . . well, the left half of him anyway! Turn him to the right and he's still punked-out Priestly. Yep, half man/half woman -- and all hysterically funny.

The cast also had some fun telling the videographer tall tales while filming behind the scenes interviews (but don't worry, she caught them telling true tales, too!).

Since it was summer, night didn't fall until after eight o'clock and boy do movie set lights look bright after dark! Evening scenes are shot, and slowly, one-by-one, the actors are "wrapped." They head back to basecamp to change back into themselves then head home to catch a few hours sleep before turning around to do it all again.

With the actors gone, the crew closes up shop. To motivate us, our next-door-neighbor cooked us some delicious barbeque as a midnight snack.

Lights are broken down, props collected, director's chairs folded up and packed away. A runner takes the days film to the developer and the 2nd AD hands out "call sheets," the schedule for the next day. It'll likely be midnight when the last of us is done and drives away.

All in all, this is a very typical day on the set of Ten Inch Hero. I hope you'll think of everything that went into the making when you see the movie in the future!

Note from Betsy: Thanks very much, Cynthia!

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