Saturday, February 10, 2007

Q and A Time

As promised, we're tackling some of the more common questions in the Ten Inch Hero IN box:

How's Post Production Going?

It's going great, thanks for asking! The movie is coming together quite well, and we're all pleased with it. We're currently finishing up the sound mix, color timing, the final credits, and other details.

Any chance you'll be showing Ten Inch Hero in my town's film festival/in test screenings near me?

Until we're done, we really don't know. Right now, we're focused on finishing the film, and then we'll explore options in terms of film festivals and test screenings.

But when we do, we'll put it on the website and this blog. And then we'll be counting on you guys to help us pack the theater! (And come say hi to us at the end, of course!)

What will Ten Inch Hero be rated?

It's so hard to predict what the rating board will do. Right now, we estimate the film is somewhere between a soft R and a hard PG-13.

Knowing that many of our TIFs are under 18, it's entirely possible that the movie will be distributed as a PG-13, with the deleted R scenes as a DVD bonus. But again, that's just speculation.

When can you tell us more about the music/soundtrack?

Soon. Mark is busy sorting all that out. When he's done, he plans to devote an entire column to music news.

We can say the music is a very eclectic mix that works well together--just like the characters in the film!

When will you put up a poster?

Mark and David are working on one now. Again, the priority is finishing the film, but it should be soon.

When will you have a trailer/post a scene online?

Well, much of that depends on what we do in terms of distribution. But we'll probably be able to at least put a clip or two up before too long.

Will you put up a Ten Inch Hero myspace?

We've kicked it around, but haven't made a decision yet one way or the other. But definitely not before we have the poster and can release scenes/music clips.

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