Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fun with Priestly Manips...

Remember those Priestly photoshops? We just received another outstanding one from TIF Supernana494. We're so impressed with the talent out there, we've decided to have a little fun with it.

Here's what we'd like to do:

If you are working on a Priestly manip (yep, that still sounds dirty), please send it to us by next Wednesday (7 Mar). We're going to take all of the pictures we've received and set up a little poll to see which is the most popular.

It'll either be here, or over on our
new myspace page if we get it open by then.

What does the winner get?

Well, bragging rights, which is no small thing. But also an official Ten Inch Hero t-shirt! This is no promo shirt you can buy at a store. This is the official cast and crew shirt--the one actors and crew took home from the shoot. A collector's item!

And let's be honest. You guys out there--how many of you have ever really had the opportunity to wear a shirt that announces to the world that you are a Ten Inch Hero. Hmmm?

So send your Priestly 'shops to teninchhero@gmail.com (If you've already mailed one, we'll assume you want to be included, unless we hear otherwise).

And, if you're new around these parts, and you have no clue what we're talking about, no worries. Just scroll down to the Jan 24 and Jan 29 posts.

Let the games begin!

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