Saturday, September 22, 2007

Actor and Caption News


Be sure to catch the premiere of Heroes on Monday night! Also, Season 1 is out on DVD now--pick that up to see Adair AND Clea!

Supernatural is back on Oct 4. Rumors are that, with only one year to live, Dean plans to go out with a bang. So to speak. And I'm sure you have all picked up Season 2 on DVD already!

Edited to add: Yikes! Alert TIF Paula also let me know that Danneel will be on CSI on, yes, you guessed it, Oct 4. As Paula says "Thank Jebus for TiVo!"

Our favorite TV reporter and PA, Cynthia Boris wrote in to let us know that Sean Wing (Tad) has a recurring role as a record producer in South of Nowhere AND on Oct. 8th, he'll be co-starring in an episode of Cold Case. Cool!!


Well, Meg and Ria have certainly outdone themselves, so I think they are the caption queen and the caption goddess. I'll let them sort out which is which!!

As for the winning, this is hard. Let me think about it for another week!!

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