Saturday, September 15, 2007

Caption Contest (on Myspace)

Just for fun, we're having a caption contest. Below is a picture from the film.

We've also put the picture over in the myspace blog. Enter your caption--or even a few lines of dialog between Piper, Jen, and Priestly--as a comment in the myspace blog.

If you've seen the film, and you know what's happening in this scene, no spoilers, okay?

Winner gets, um, bragging rights. Hey, it's an independent film--what do you expect??!

Ten Inch Hero

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Anonymous said...

My niece is at UC Santa Cruz and she's a vegan, so the film was really fun. My sons were adopted by a well-to-do family, and they discouraged me from visiting the boys even though it was an open adoption. I have driven by their house hoping to see them. The oldest boy expressed interest in speaking to me recently, and speaking to him and my other son was wonderful.I also get photos, but I miss them terribly.