Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Slender Regular?

C'mom, admit it.

How many of you have checked to see if they really make Slender Regulars?

Slender Regular

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p.s., Stay tuned for something new coming soon.


NikkiHolly said...

LOL! that's great. now i'm wondering how exactly can it be slender AND regular. it can't. slender means small. regular means average. how can it be small yet still average? why not just call it regular if it's still average? Priestly has infiltrated my mind and just won't leave (not that i really want him too). :D hope you had a great holiday betsy.

Anonymous said...

wow! are the news about a distributor?
Happy holidays!

GermanTenInchHero said...

How long will it take until we get the news!

It is hard to stay tuned all day long!

Anonymous said...

How about a screening at the AFI Festival in Dallas in March???

JennyCorp said...

Happy Holidays!
We love TIH.