Monday, January 15, 2007

Pods and the Lovely Alice Krige

A big thanks to alert TIF (Ten Inch Friend) Caro for letting us know that Ten Inch Hero was mentioned in a One Tree Hill podcast!

If you want to hear Matt Barr (Brad) talk about his experiences with the film, go to the OTH Podcast Page. On the left side, scroll down to the list. Find 405: Commentary with Mark and Matt Barr--it's about a third of the way down the list. The TIH mention comes about 7 minutes in.

Now let's take a question about Alice Krige, who plays Zo in the film.

What you can tell me about Alice Krige's role and involvement in this film?

Director David Mackay replies:

Alice was on our short list for the part for some time. We cast her while she was in South Africa, so she had to fly over quickly to begin shooting!

Alice is a beautiful woman and embodies everything that Betsy described Zo as: warm, loving, flowing, spiritual, and earthy. She got along great with John Doe (Trucker), so I was very excited about their chemistry. She was great to work with and looks amazing in the wardrobe that Sara Jane picked out.

Do you have a question about our film? Email it to We swear we'll get to it eventually. Really.

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