Tuesday, January 02, 2007

'Hawk Talk

Happy New Year, everyone!

Did you guys all see the new picture of Sean Patrick Flanery (Noah) over on the website?

Also, thanks to PA Cynthia Boris and my pal Linda for alerting us: Star!Daily just featured Jensen Ackles (Priestly) as one of their "Stars to Watch."

My favorite quote: "The 28-year-old tv vet has shown such range that we have high hopes for his new movie Ten Inch Hero." Yay! I think this is our first TV mention!

You can watch the clip here.

In honor of that, let's take a Priestly question.

Did the character of Priestly have a mohawk in the script, or did that get added later? And why?

Nope, Priestly always had a 'hawk, right from the first draft of the script.

My brother (::waves hi to Alan::) once told me about a kid with one of those classic high-spike mohawks that was so tall, he couldn't fit upright in his own car. So the boy drove with his head down on his right shoulder--that was the only way he could fit in the car without damaging his 'do.

That just really appealed to me--the idea of a kid so devoted to his own style, that he was willing to drive around looking at the world sideways. That's my kind of guy!

And it just seemed like the kind of thing Priestly would do. So, not only did Priestly get a mohawk, he got one that changes color throughout the story.

Originally, the whole head angle thing was in the script: one scene opens with Priestly driving up, music blaring, head titled, while Trucker's (John Doe) outside working on the cause-mobile.

But Jensen’s 'hawk is shorter and a whole different style--so it didn't make it into the final cut.

Fun question--thanks for asking!

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