Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fans "Shop" For Priestly

***Important: These are fan-created pixs. PhotoShopped. Not the real thing. (Although, I am evil enough that I considered slipping a real one in, and passing it off as 'shopped. Heh heh heh.)***

So, after poison_love got it rolling on IMDB, we had two other TIFs (Ten Inch Friends) jump in with their own photoshop efforts.

Man, we are stunned. Really.

First, Tiffany sent her greetings to the cast and crew, as well as her rendition:

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Tiffany, that is one impressive hawk. Not like Priestly's, but I'd stop the car to see **anyone** in that 'do. Nice work.

Then, Asha jumped in with a lovely email, as well as this, all the way from France:

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Asha, nice work. Definitely closer in some ways, but not really there yet. But, I will tell you this: at one point in the film, Priestly's hawk is just about that exact color.

Thanks, guys, for giving us a terrific laugh.

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