Sunday, March 04, 2007

Grab Bag

New Website Picture

Very cool new picture up on the website of Elisabeth, Clea, and Danneel with the cause-mobile.

Update on the Manips

We're getting some great new Priestly manips in. We're sure glad this is a poll, and we don't have to pick, because it would be too hard.

Remember, please send yours by this Wednesday to be included in the running for a Ten Inch Hero t-shirt.

Did Someone Say "Myspace?"

Okay, let's see if I can cover them all:

Yes, we are opening a myspace page.

It will be open soon. You can do an Add now if you want, and I'll let you in when we open.

It's still very much under construction, which means no clips, no music, no trailer yet.

Yes, the Priestly manip contest will be on there, provided I can figure out how to make a poll.

No, we (probably) won't slip in a real Priestly picture. Heh.

And finally, no, myspace is not some kind of porn site (snort!).

Any other questions, send them to
Have a terrific week!

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