Monday, March 12, 2007

Inspiration and Perspiration

Lots of inspiration and perspiration this week!

Myspace Update

We've opened the myspace page, and put up the Priestly manip contest. Unfortunately, you have to be a myspace member to see the manips--given the time we had, I didn't see an easy way around that.

Great love being given out for the artists over there. Special thanks to Penny who gave feedback on each one.

I know not everyone has a myspace account (ahem, PANDA!), so we'll try to blog in both places as long as we can.

John Doe's New CD

Speaking of perspiration, John Doe--the hardest working guy in town--has a new CD out. Nice article about it here. Please check it out.


Yes, we're still taking questions as we can. You may get a private answer, or we may publish it here. And speaking of inspiration, we got this letter recently.

I know you are still finishing the film. I never really thought before about how much you have to do. What keeps you inspired during it all?

Producer Mark Witsken answers:

What gives me inspiration is the idea of seeing our movie through to the end, which I'm sure is how every filmmaker feels about their baby. I guess it's like having a child... OK so I've been working on this film already for 3 or 4 years... Well, you don't stop loving your kid when they get to be 3 or 4, right? It's kind of like that.

I'm proud of what we've done, and there's this drive that you have to make it the best it can be, and hope other people enjoy it too. Also, I feel a lot of responsibility to all the people who worked on the movie, as well as the investors who made the entire thing even possible. I want them to all be satisfied and feel it was worth it.

Director David Mackay answers:

I think for me, inspiration comes from confidence. If I am confident in a movie that I directed, I will work 24/7, until it's done, and completed as good as I can possibly make it. The other day, I spent 3 hours watching the audio laydown of the movie. I didn't NEED to be there, the tech could have done it himself. I've seen the movie about 150+ times now, but I just wanted to make sure it was perfect.

I am really confident that A LOT of people are really going to LOVE this movie, so I'd work, and work, and work, to make sure they see my best possible effort.

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