Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wait! Before you send in that question...

Over here in Ten Inch land, we love to hear your comments. And we're happy to answer questions when we can.

But, since the Phoenix Film Festival announcement, we're understandably seeing some of the same questions over and over. So, before you ask, check below to see if we've answered already. If you still have questions, by all means, send 'em in!

1) Will TIH be screening at (insert film festival name)?

We are navigating the world of film festivals right now. We will definitely be appearing at more festivals all over the country. And once we have dates, times, and locations, we will announce it. Trust me, you will know!

But, until then, we just can't comment on all the film festivals out there.

2) Will (insert favorite actor's name) be at the (insert film festival name)?

We know everyone's excited to see their favorite actors. But we really cannot commit to other people's plans. And we would hate to announce that someone plans to attend, just to have a scheduling conflict prevent them from coming.

So, unfortunately, we can't answer these kinds of questions other than to say that some of the actors will definitely be attending some of the screenings. And any actor attending a screening will be invited to hang around after, participate in the Q&A, etc...schedule permitting, of course!

3) What can we do to help?

Truly, the TIFs are the best fans in the world. We appreciate your support and kind words more than you can imagine. Right now, the best thing you can do is keep spreading the word--and pack those screenings!

4) Will you be putting a forum on the blog/myspace so the fans can chat?

Not at this time. However, long-time TIF Ciara has just opened a fan group on myspace. So feel free to head over there and chat away! We'll pop in from time to time.

5) You promised to talk about the music!

We haven't forgotten you! Mark is working on a blog entry about the music, which he hopes to post in the next week or two. He's just swamped right now, as you might imagine!

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