Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cannes Report & Upcoming LA Screening

We're getting lots of questions about Cannes and about upcoming screenings. We don't have lots of info, but here's what we CAN say at this time:

About Cannes...

Cannes went really well for us. We were over there strictly to work out foreign sales for the film. And, while we can't give any specifics right now, rest assured the deals are in progress.

What does that mean for our overseas friends? It means this: we will definitely be releasing the film in most foreign territories--maybe all of them, over time.

But the ink isn't dry yet, and you know us...we never say anything out loud until it's official.

So sit tight, and keep checking the blog/myspace for announcements over the next several months.

Ten Inch Hero Screening in July in LA

In late July, we're having a screening of TIH in LA for lots of industry folks. However, it's a big theater and we are expecting to have some extra seats, which we'd like to offer up to our TIH fans.

If you plan to be in LA at the end of July and you want to come to the screening, send us your name and email address, and we'll get in touch with the details soon.

Please use the gmail account: Don't leave messages over on myspace--it's just easier to track this via email.

Keep checking...more info coming soon!

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