Monday, June 11, 2007

This and That

* Did you guys see John Doe (Trucker) in this week's Entertainment Weekly? They asked him to list his five favorite albums.

(Betsy's note: as if I didn't think he's uber-cool already, John put Joni Mitchell's "Blue" as number 3. ::happy sigh::) When you get a chance be sure to pick up John's latest solo album, A Year In the Wilderness.

* Jensen Ackles (Priestly) has been getting great reviews all over the place for his role in A Few Good Men, down in Texas. Congrats, Jensen!

* As we've mentioned, David Mackay is up in Vancouver directing a film. We've had some people ask about it, so there's a press release about it here.

* Just a warning: I'm seeing various sites offering downloads of parts/all of the movie, unreleased pictures from the movie, or mp3s from the movie. Don't be suckered into this! As far as we know, there are no clips of the movie and no pictures taken in the theater (and if some DOES try to take a camera in, I'm sending Anteka over to talk to them--heh!**). There are also no music files, except for those that the artists themselves make available, such as Dave Lichens's Blue.

So, practice safe computing! Don't go into these creepy dens of spyware and trojans. You're not going to find anything you can't get elsewhere.

**Edited to add: Dudes. Come on. It was a joke.

I posted it before the accusations started flying and y'all got into the discussions about fans and their creed. We are not taking sides, nor would I express a personal opinion (of which I have lots, trust me) on the film's page. So, while I appreciate all the traffic a few sites are sending us, we'd MUCH rather talk about the movie, okay?

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